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First Steps Preschool @ East Coast

Block 89 Marine Parade Central

Established in 2012, First Steps Preschool @ East Coast (formerly known as Whizkid Preschool) is the longest running preschool in our group. Located right at the heart of Marine Parade, beside the popular Marine Parade Central NTUC, First Steps Preschool @ East Coast has been growing from strength to strength since joining the group.

Offering both infantcare and childcare services, our preschool has expanded in 2020 to occupy the entire 2 storey building with a newly renovated premise. Filled with natural light and clean interiors, we pride ourselves on creating the best play learning environment for children staying along East Coast.

Our students mostly come from young families staying in the nearby Katong, Marine Parade, Tanjong Rhu and Siglap neighbourhoods. Students attending First Steps Preschool @ East Coast get access to our own private outdoor playground right behind our school. As an outdoor-play focused preschool, we also organize regular walks to East Coast Park for the children to get that important dose of fresh air and play closer to nature.

Preschool Life at East Coast

First Steps Preschool @ East Coast is helmed by the very experienced Ms Mala (Principal, Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood) and Ms Cendy (MD, Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood). We have built a very strong team of like-minded educators, most of whom have been with us for more than 4 years. Our childcare teachers come from as far as Pasir Ris and Yishun, giving us pride and encouragement that we’ve created a very happy community of staff and students here at our preschool!

Our daughter Mikaela is currently attending this school and our family absolutely loves it here! We enrolled her when she was around 20 months old. We checked around for reviews and found only positive things about WhizKids (First Steps Preschool @ East Coast). Aside from being close to our home and having reasonable fees, we chose the school because of the flexibility of starting off at a 1 to 2 weeks trial before committing to confirm with the school. This gave us the peace of mind to try out the school and see how our daughter adjusts before committing to pay the sign up fees. We have a peace of mind knowing she’s in good hands, and we’re very happy with how the teachers nurture the children to be independent, caring, confident and curious.

Parents of Mikaela
First Steps Preschool @ East Coast

Both our girls have learnt so much and progressed very well under the teachers’ guidance. Regular updates from the teachers, such as the children’s behaviors, progress, school curriculum and upcoming events. We greatly appreciate that the school make effort in organizing fun events such as dress up themes, puppets show, water play, beach activities etc, to spice up the children’s school life. Our girls look forward to go to school every morning and even weekends. We find that the school environment has a very positive vibe and we feel at ease that our daughters are in good hands. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful group of teachers and school staff who have been so patient and caring our girls.

Parents of Constance and Victoria
First Steps Preschool @ East Coast

Charlene has been a fussy eater since young. In a short span of three months, she became more game to try a wider variety of food. Kudos to Teacher Anne, Charlene's favourite teacher, for her constant encouragement and assurance! We were also blown away by Charlene's remarkable progress in her first three months. She started reading independently and seems to be improving by the day. The intimate class ratio allows better interaction and engagement between the teacher and our child and address any concerns that we might have. Whizkid's immersive environment and well-balanced curriculum are the key to nurturing the young minds. Charlene is always looking forward to their fun "Friday Activities" where she gets to go for picnic, water play, pizza-making, and dress up as Super Heroes!

Parents of Charlene
First Steps Preschool @ East Coast

The best choice I made for Aqeel! As a parent I had some expectations that a preschool should have and this more than meets the expectations. Be it the student teacher ratio, well-balanced curriculum and/or cleanliness of the centre, they have aced it! They have play-time daily (with walks to ECP) yet focus on learning curriculum with lots of hands on activities. Aqeel thoroughly enjoys fun Fridays with the varied themes and his favourite is Pajamas Day! Thank you to all his teachers Yang Lao Shi, Teacher Mas, Teacher Ada, Teacher Vanitha and Miss Mala for the love, support, care and encouragement given to both the kids and parents!

Parents of Aqeel
First Steps Preschool @ East Coast

Our children totally enjoyed themselves in the center. The way the teachers engage with them is nothing short of amazing. They genuinely care and are there to not only impart knowledge, but also to instill good values to our children. The other aspect that I appreciate about the center is that they incorporate a lot of outdoor play activities (aside from the usual academic stuff). To me, there is nothing more important than exposing our children to the outdoors – allowing them to explore and grow in the sun, sea, and sand (the proximity to ECP helps too!).

Parents of Aiden
First Steps Preschool @ East Coast