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First Steps Preschool @ Jurong

TradeHub21 at Jurong East

Located at the centre of the bustling TradeHub21 at Jurong East, our newly refurbished school serves a mix of residents and corporate offices from the Jurong, Bukit Batok and Clementi area, being a short 5-minutes drive from JEM, Westgate, Vision Exchange, IMM and Jurong East MRT Station. Formerly known as Kids Mansion, the school has undergone a change in environment but still retains all teachers and a core team that has worked together for an average for 10 years.

Filled with full-height glass windows that allow natural light into the space, First Steps Preschool @ Jurong also boasts a fully equipped indoor play area, an art corner, a music corner and a specialized dance area. The school offers a mix of art & dance activities conducted by trained specialists exclusive to it.

First Steps Preschool @ Jurong offers spots for both infant and childcare spaces and is one of the cornerstones of the preschool scene around the TradeHub 21 vicinity.

Preschool Life at Jurong

First Steps Preschool @ Jurong is led by our young and energetic principal, Ms Rachel, who has been with the school for over 10 years. She is further assisted by a core team of English and Chinese teachers who have worked together at our school for 8 to 11 years.


Be it KM or First Step, Teacher Rachel has lived up to her motto in making both Kaiden and Keiran realise how fortunate they are in such a fun learning and conducive environment. Bringing them to their first milestone in life. Nurturing and preparing them for the start of a learning journey. I always believe in moulding their positive mindset to be a better person, compassionate and respectful as the upmost importance. Great job you guys have done it. I strongly believe that this centre have great foresight in cultivating “Good Citizen” of our future.

Parent of K1 Kieran Kay
Parent of K1 Kieran Kay
First Steps Preschool @ Jurong

Ever since Zyria entered Kids Mansion (First Steps Preschool), I can see that she has definitely learned and acquired a lot of knowledge. She has gained good leadership and self discipline throughout her learning journey. I am really grateful that she is able to get along well with her teachers, classmates and other of her classmates. From a parent’s perspective, I definitely would like to say a word of thanks to all teaching staff, helpers and co-helpers of the preschool who have contributed the conscientious effort in taking care of the students. From previous excursions that I attended with Zisel and Zyria during their preschool days, I was able to witness the kind of close relationship between teachers and students from the exposure(s) that they have.

Parent of Zisel and Zyria
First Steps Preschool @ Jurong

It was our first time enrolling our son in preschool. Visited a few centres but we left with a heavy heart and we kept on searching. Came across First Step preschool. Visited the centre and it was spacious with a warm welcome by the teachers and principal. We fell in love and so did my son. We feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff. The food there is always a Yummy Happy Tummy for him. Our child has learned so much from the preschool program. We saw changes in his independence and confidence. He loves his preschool teachers and talks about them everyday. We are very thankful to have discovered First Step and its incredible staff. We highly recommend this school.

Parent of N1 Talveen Singh
First Steps Preschool @ Jurong

We have entrusted our first born baby to First Steps since 3 months old. He is well taken care of by the staff and teachers here, from crawling to walking. He can be very mischievous and despite that, they have much patience and love towards him. This is the place to go to with a peace of mind while juggling between your work and your little one.

Parent of Infant Zan Kai
First Steps Preschool @ Jurong

We love the new environment Kids Mansion/First Steps has transformed into. It makes Valerie look forward to going to school because of the huge playground right by the entrance. We can see how much Valerie has improved in speech and vocabularies as she can form longer sentences with clear pronunciation. She expresses herself well with gestures, words and body language. Thank you for the effort and love put in to caring, teaching and loving Valerie.

Parent of PG Valerie
First Steps Preschool @ Jurong