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Kindy 2

( 6YRS -7 YRS)

Age Group 6 years – 7 years

Class Size 25

Staff:Child Ratio 1:18

The Kindy 2 (K2) curriculum continues to advocate learning through fun, and to focus on our children’s social and emotional wellbeing in the learning process.

With increased social competence and emotional maturity, our children collaborate frequently on projects.

Whether individually or in groups, they can participate in purposeful exploration of ideas and concepts engage in creative and critical thinking and problem solving, and even conduct investigations and research.

Formal school preparation is intensified at K2.

At K2, our children would not only have made significant progress in their language and numeracy skills they would also develop a better understanding of the world around them, as well as acquire a greater appreciation of large-scale environmental and community issues.

At First Steps, our graduating K2 children will be independent, confident, self-motivated, articulate, inquisitive and creative individuals who are well equipped with the necessary life skills and attitudes to meet future challenges in school and in life.

K2 children’s growth and development are facilitated through the following curriculum activities:

Connectors@ Work

Little Orators - Public Speaking

Bloom - Creative Writing

Phonics with Letterland

Information & Communication Technology, ICT

Chinese for Early Learners

First Steps Maths

Outdoor Learning Journeys

Junior Global Explorers

Mindful Kidz

At First Steps Preschool, we believe in maintaining small class sizes for better individual care and attention.

Although MCYS guideline for teacher: child ratio is 1:25, we adopt a lower ratio for our children.