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First Steps Preschool @ MacPherson

47 Kallang Pudding Road

First Steps Preschool @ MacPherson is a new childcare located in the MacPherson area, just 2 streets away from the vibrant and growing Bidadari residential enclave. Sprawling over 5,000 square feet, it is newly  renovated, with all classrooms and play areas having a healthy dose of natural light.

Barely walking distance away from estates such as Alkaff Vista, Alkaff Lakeview and Alkaff Courtview, it is also only 5 minutes from the newly developed Bidadari Park, benefiting from the conveniences located at these districts while being nestled among fully private housing.

First Steps Preschool @ MacPherson is also the largest and most upscale private infantcare in the vicinity, despite having the lowest teacher:infant ratio as well as the highest space:infant ratios around.

MacPherson Preschool Life

As a newly established preschool in the area, First Steps Preschool @ MacPherson is fast growing. Our school has not just taken over premises used for childcare for more than 8 years, but expanded a further 1,800 square feet of space to cater to the growing demand from young parents nearby.

We like this playschool because it is spacious, new and well-equipped. What's more important that the teaching and support staff have been friendly and helpful. We tried another school before this but our kid was unable to adjust and we had to withdraw her. We are really happy that she has started liking it here and look forward to see her learn and grow further with various creative exercises the teachers keep coming up with.

Parents of Riddhi
First Steps Preschool @ MacPherson

My son already gel in on the 2nd day! Thankful to have such an assuring principal who will not hesitate to play his favourite songs to help him feel comfortable in the morning. Miss Fornia has always ensure that my son’s tedious daily eczema care routine are well met. Laoshi always been very motherly to the children. I am grateful to have them teaching and taking care of my son during my absent.

Parents of Kaias
First Steps Preschool @ MacPherson

Hi tr Shumin, Thanks so much for the care and attention towards Krystal. Krystal loves to go to her infantcare. They make learning fun. She is so pleased to see her teachers - Shumin, Ivy and Tiffany, which greatly reflects the care and joy they bring to her in our absence. In the presence of these teachers we feel safe sending our daughter to First Steps formerly Just Infants. We receive daily reports, which tell me how she eats, sleeps and plays. That can tell me a lot about any changes in her moods in the evenings. What Krystal has learned at FirstSteps, as well as the warmth and respect that she is shown, has enabled Krys to be more outgoing, independent and respectful of others. We are so proud of them and thankful to the teachers and principal for their continual help and guidance. I could say more about the office staff, extra activities, etc. But in short, I recommend First Steps.

Parents of Krystal
First Steps Preschool @ MacPherson