As parents, we believed that at this young age, there are other specs that are more important than academic skills, such as moral values and confidence in oneself. Having Charmaine to try out this program 1 year ago, she became more disciplined, focused and confident. People Impact provides learning and guidance through play and in a more interesting form that keeps Charmaine looking forward to the class weekly.

Ms. Marie Wong

It started as a “try-try” mentality when we are looking for an enrichment program for Wan Ting. Soon it became a weekend routine which our daughter never failed to remind us to bring her to the “Play House”. As parents, we are delighted to see our daughter has enjoyed every session and made good progress in her character building and interest in learning. We attribute this to the passion of the teachers and the effective methodology of the teaching from People Impact.

Mr. Nelson Teo and Ms. Rachel Koo

Kayden joined People Impact since 2013. At that time, his visual spatial skills is accessed with a score of 70. He shows no interest in visual games like Lego or puzzles. People Impact has helped him to develop this area. The IQEQ programme not only helped Kayden to improve in areas that he is weak in, it also help him to enhance his strength. After 16-month under the programme, we can see a hugh change in Kayden. He is able to control his emotion and visual spatial skills has improved from 70 percentile in 2013 to 99.8 percentile in April 2015. We, as Kayden’s parents are very grateful to People Impact. We hope more parents will get to know People Impact as I believe the children will benefit from their programme. Once again, we would like to thank all the teachers and staff in People Impact.

Ms. Linda

It is really amazing that I could see the instant result after just one class. She becomes more sociable and more confident after each class. She enjoys the class very much. I would highly recommend to all my friends.

Ms. Moon Kok

A big THANK YOU for all you’ve done. Sophie thoroughly enjoys Centre Stage, working with her friends and especially the teaching and training she is receiving from you. Just want to express our sincere gratitude for all your hard work and commitment. We can see that it has clearly rubbed off on Sophie. The evidence is in the pudding as they say. Kind regards


I want to thank you for all the efforts and professionalism that has been shown in teaching our kids; especially for our daughter Keemia. She has learned a lot and she has enjoyed the term immensely. Thank you again! Warmly


Thank you for creating a really engaging class and challenging the kids to raise the bar every time. Warm regards


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