"The journey of a thousand miles
begins with the first step"

Why First Steps Preschool?

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Personalised Childcare

First Steps Preschool accepts only 2 new enrolments at any time and a teacher is attached to help new enrolled children settle in.

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World Class Education

Based on the philosophy of world-renowned child therapist, Magda Gerber from RIE™ USA and the research of Hungarian paediatrician, Dr Emmi Pikler from Pikler-Lóczy.

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Innovation Focused Preschool

Our young learners focus on knowledge discovery over rote-learning to develop the skills needed to become future leaders and innovators.

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Digital-Age Technology

Integrating digital teaching tech and equipment into our curriculum, we Singapore's most forward-looking early years institution.

Infant Care / Childcare Subsidy

You will qualify for Basic Subsidy with First Steps Preschool if your child is a Singapore Citizen.

Working mother:

Basic Subsidy for Child Care: $300

Non-working mother

Basic Subsidy for Child Care: $150

Note: Basic Subsidy amounts stated above are for full day programmes only. Amount will differ for other programme types.

In addition, families with monthly household incomes of $7,500* and below are now eligible for an Additional Subsidy, with lower income families receiving more.

*Income ceiling to be revised to $12,000 from 2020.

Ref: Ministry of Social and Family Development

First Steps Preschool

Nurturing the innovators of tomorrow

Started in 2014, First Steps Preschool is a leading Innovation-Focused school. It was conceptualized on the belief that children must be encouraged to discover new knowledge, rather than memorize information from books and school. Strongly influenced by the philosophy of world-renowned child therapist and infant specialist, Magda Gerber from RIE™ USA and the insightful research of Hungarian paediatrician Dr Emmi Pikler from Pikler-Lóczy, we prepare children to face future challenges and seize opportunities brought about by globalisation, modernisation and technological advancements.

Preparing Your Child For Tomorrow

Leading, Innovation-focused Curriculum

Taking a truly international approach to curriculum, we strive to become Singapore’s gold standard in Early Years Education and make quality education more accessible.