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( 4YRS -5 YRS)

Age Group 4 years – 5 years

Class Size 18

Staff:Child Ratio 1:12

At Nursery (N), we leverage on the children’s curiosity and natural thirst for knowledge by providing ample opportunities for hands-on exploration, discovery, critical thinking and problem solving.

There is also greater focus on phonics, reading, speaking, and skills and concepts learning due to the children’s increased competencies in language arts and numeracy.

‘Little Orators’ is introduced to further boost speaking and presenting skills and to build confidence.

The children are taught enhanced self-care skills where they are able to make their own beds and change their clothes and wear their shoes all by themselves.

We also aim to inculcate a sense of responsibility in them through daily tasks such as keeping their places neat and clearing their own plates without reminder from the teachers.

Our Nursery children’s growth and development are facilitated through the following curriculum activities:

Connectors@ Work

Little Orators - Public Speaking

Bloom - Creative Writing

Phonics with Letterland

Chinese for Early Learners

First Steps Maths

Music & Movement

Outdoor Learning Journeys

Junior Global Explorers

Mindful Kidz

At First Steps Preschool, we believe in maintaining small class sizes for better individual care and attention.

Although MCYS guideline for teacher: child ratio is 1:15, we adopt a lower ratio for our children.