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( 3YRS -4 YRS)
First Steps Preschool > Pre-Nursery

Age Group 3 years – 4 years

Class Size 15

Staff:Child Ratio 1:10

At Pre-Nursery (PN), we continue to develop the children holistically through our focus on their sensory and motor, language, cognitive, and social skillsas well as creative expression.

We build on children’s individual attributes and enrich their learning experiences through music& movement, creative visual art, stories, rhymes, games and manipulative toys.

Teachers guide and motivate our children in their first steps towards greater autonomy and independence.

Through their daily routine and rituals, children learn good habits and self-help skills such as self-care, dressing, routine chores, etc.

Our Pre-Nursery children’s early experiences are facilitated through the following curriculum activities:

Connectors@ Work

Phonics with Letterland

Chinese for Early Learners

First Steps Maths

Music & Movement

Aesthetic and Creative Work

Tinkering Fun

Outdoor Learning Journeys

Junior Global Explorers

Mindful Kidz

At First Steps Preschool, we believe in maintaining small class sizes for better individual care and attention.

Although MCYS guideline for teacher: child ratio is 1:12, we adopt a lower ratio for our children.