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First Steps Preschool (Basics) @ Admiralty

Block 701, Woodlands Drive 40

First Steps Preschool (Basics*) @ Admiralty (formerly known as Thinkerstar Preschool) has been providing full childcare services for residents staying near Admiralty for the past 5 years.

Established in 2015, our school is within walking distance from Admiralty MRT station and is situated right below Block 701, along Woodlands Drive 40. As the Basics lineup of the First Steps Preschool brand, Admiralty is an affordable option and takes up 2 whole, newly renovated bay units.

It shares the same curriculum framework and staff support as our more premium names in other locations around Singapore. Children attending First Steps Preschool @ Admiralty get convenient access to playgrounds, gardens, a multipurpose hall for their daily dose of outdoor play and activities.

*Basics provides the same curriculum and teaching standards as our full-fledged schools, with a more simple interior decor and compound.

Preschool Life at Admiralty

Headed by our principal Ms Joan, First Steps Preschool @ Admiralty has a very dedicated core teaching team, with most of our teachers having been with the school for almost 5 years. We’re happy to have served many of the parents living around the Admiralty and Woodlands neighbourhoods.

Special thanks to Teacher Fara, Teacher Parimala and Zhang Laoshi for taking good care of Javion and making him feel comfortable at school in just a few short days. I am glad that he likes to go to school and loves reading now. His speaking skills have improved a lot too.

Parents of Javion Ow
First Steps Preschool @ Admiralty

Ashton really enjoys going to school everyday. He really loves all the activities organised by the school. Once again, thank you very much!

Parents of Ashton
First Steps Preschool @ Admiralty

Valerie was enrolled when she was 2 years old. She showed a lot of improvement and learnt a lot of new things. Her PG class teachers are very patient with her and Valerie likes them a lot and enjoys going to school. Thank you to all the teachers for being so caring to Valerie.

Parents of Valerie
First Steps Preschool @ Admiralty

Ever since the new management came on board, there has been a better structure, more organised way of communication, and well-covered curriculum. Keep up the good job!

Parents of Adrian & Michelle
First Steps Preschool @ Admiralty

Both my kids have grown in ways that I could never have imagined and I will be forever grateful for all that the teachers, aides and director of the center. We were impressed every time they come home with something new they learned in school. Both my kids have also picked up mandarin over time and they are more receptive to speaking a little or repeating after us at home. One time they could even sing a Chinese song to us. Every week via Class Dojo we can see what they have learned over the week. Thumbs up!

Parents of Denissa & Jiehan
First Steps Preschool @ Admiralty