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Kindy 1

( 5YRS -6 YRS)

Age Group 5 years – 6 years

Class Size 20

Staff:Child Ratio 1:18

At Kindy 1 (K1), special attention is paid to the children’s social and emotional development as they display more autonomous and self-regulatory behaviours, and show their understanding of right and wrong, social norms and rules, and values and cultures.

Throughout all the disciplines in the K1 curriculum, our teachers will focus on helping our children to be more confident, to express their ideas and opinions well and to form lasting relationships with the people around them.

Our emphasis continues to be on developing the life skills, dispositions, and attitudes for success in life.

With our children’s increased capacity for acquiring knowledge, skills and concepts, the K1 curriculum promotes a balance of process-oriented and experience-centred learning.

To boost our children’s intellectual development and their natural quest for knowledge, we actively engage them with experiential learning – exploration, inquiry, analysis, critical thinking and discovery.

As part of their first steps in the preparation for primary school, our K1 children go through integrated literacy experiences that provide meaningful learning of phonics, vocabulary, reading and writing.

The curriculum continues to focus on confident speaking, with purposeful presentations conducted in class.

The children continue to learn more mathematical processes and concepts, and are introduced to Science and General Affairs that we deem essential for their academic development.

Our K1 children’s growth and development are facilitated through the following curriculum activities:

Connectors@ Work

Little Orators - Public Speaking

Bloom - Creative Writing

Phonics with Letterland

Information & Communication Technology, ICT

Chinese for Early Learners

First Steps Maths

Outdoor Learning Journeys

Junior Global Explorers

Mindful Kidz

At First Steps Preschool, we believe in maintaining small class sizes for better individual care and attention.

Although MCYS guideline for teacher: child ratio is 1:20, we adopt a lower ratio for our children.