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Infant Care

( 2MTHS -18 MTHS)
First Steps Preschool > Infant Care

Age Group 2 – 18 months

Class Size 5 (Primary Caregiving)

Staff:Child Ratio 1:3

In our infant care programme, we provide a cosy and secure environment where you feel safe leaving your child.

We provide an environment for infants that is physically safe, cognitively challenging, and emotionally nurturing. Parents can feel safe leaving your child under

Besides meeting the infants and toddlers’ basic needs for food, attention and personal care, our caregivers are trained to engage them in sensorial experiences, develop their gross and fine motor skills, encourage their language and cognitive growth, as well as help them make social and emotional connections.

We are not just caring infants, but we are educaring them. We educate while we care, and we care while we educate.  Our educare practices are influenced by the philosophy of world-renowned child therapist and infant specialist, Magda Gerber from RIE™ USA and the insightful research of Hungarian paediatrician, Dr Emmi Pikler from Pikler-Lóczy.

Features of our infant care programme:

A well-designed learning and caring environment for infants to support their holistic development.

Team of specially hand-picked and trained caring adults to meet the primary needs of children.

Aspects of caregiving activities that promote learning and development include interactions are respectful, responsive, and reciprocal.

Respectful and responsive curriculum that fosters social and emotional competence of children.

Carefully tailored play activities that challenges the use of the innate sensory abilities of infants and enhances those that are emerging.

Early language and literacy skills are promoted through playful and enjoyable moments with the infants.

At First Steps Preschool, we believe in maintaining small class sizes for better individual care and attention.

Although MCYS guideline for teacher: child ratio is 1:5, we adopt a lower ratio for our children.